Hyundai i20 WRC Starts Testing for 2014

Hyundai has announced it’s successfully completed the first shakedown session of their i20 WRC. The car is set to enter the WRC scene next year, the i20 race car has been put together by a team Hyundai poached from other Citroen, Peugeot and Toyota.

This was the very first time when the i20 rally car was taken out of its workshop and onto the road, as it covered a total of 550 km to test its 1.6-liter turbocharged engine as wet as setups for road and gravel.

The start of the 2014 season is little more than half a year away, debuting with the Rallye Monte Carlo in January. Rumor has it the i20 won’t be ready in time for to put in a full season.

“Indeed, it has been a busy few months here at Hyundai Motorsport as we prepared to kick-off our testing programme to get ready for the 2014 FIA World Rally Championship. After starting our operations from scratch at the Alzenau factory in early January, we have been developing the car and now we can put the theory into practice. The car is on the road and I have to admit it was quite an emotional moment to see the latest specification of the i20 WRC in action for the first time.”team principal Michel Nandan said.


Hyundai Information


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